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Flood Relief

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Flood Relief

Please check out our new Flood Relief pages on the website.  A lot of our neighbors and friends are still struggling to get back to normal and a lot of them don’t have insurance that will cover everything.  On our website, you’ll find links to Red Cross, United Way and Catholic Charities for donations and assistance.  You’ll also find a link to our Flood Relief page with listings of fundraisers for several people that need help, and ways you can donate to those good people.  Near and dear to our hearts at LaCrosse Media Group is the fundraiser for our good friend Brucie Bumchuckles, aka Marty Severson.  Brucie had water up to his kitchen cabinets and pretty much lost everything… and remember, every penny counts!  Thank you.

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