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Vintage Back To School Checklist!

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Vintage Back To School Checklist!

With school already underway in some places, now would be a good time for parents to reminisce about the their own school days — and if you’ve got kids in high school, that means you likely went to school in the 1990s. The Ranker website has compiled a top-15 list of the most nostalgia-inducing 1990s school supplies, voted on by visitors to the website.

1) Multi-colored push-up pens
2) Scratch-n-sniff stickers
3) Mr. Sketch Scented Pens
4) Multi-colored ball-point pens – you’ll have to visit the site to see exactly which ones they mean.
5) Erasable pens
6) Mead’s five-star notebooks
7) Spacemaker pencil boxes
8) Neon-colored pencil grips
9) Multi-colored swirled erasers
10) Trapper-Keeper
11) Gelly Roll pens
12) Floppy disks
13) Lisa Frank everything
14) Jansport backpacks
15) Troll pencil toppers


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