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This Day In Rock: July 17

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This Day In Rock: July 17

1967 Jimi Hendrix either quit or was fired as the opening act for the Monkees’ US tour after only five days. Mickey Dolenz later recalled, “Jimi would amble out onto the stage, fire up the amps and break out into ‘Purple Haze’ and the kids in the audience would instantly drown him out with ‘We want Daaavy!’ Hendix’s replacement was Vanilla Fudge.

1968 The Beatles’ film, Yellow Submarine debuted in theatres this week. The voices in the film were actually actors and not The Beatles themselves, but Ringo Starr said that years later, people were still asking him why he “pushed the button” that created all of the chaos in the animated picture.

1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear on the BBC late night talk show, Parkinson, where John chastises the British media for calling Yoko “ugly” and for saying that she broke up The Beatles.

1972 A bomb explodes under a Rolling Stones equipment truck in Montreal and although no one is hurt, the blast blows out the cones of 30 speakers stored inside. It’s never determined who planted the dynamite and the show went on as planned.

1974 The Moody Blues opened their own 32 track recording studio in London. It was the first in Britain to be equipped for quadraphonic recording, a now almost-forgotten form of stereo which required a playback system with four speakers.

1975 After ten years of marriage, Ringo Starr and Maureen Cox are officially divorced. She had briefly dated Paul McCartney before taking up with Ringo and was later linked with George Harrison. In her book John, Cynthia Lennon wrote that after her divorce from Ringo, Maureen was so upset that she rode a motorbike at full speed into a brick wall and required plastic surgery to repair injuries to her face. Maureen died at the age of 48 on December 30, 1994.

1979 Gary Moore left Thin Lizzy during a US tour.

1996 Chas Chandler, the bassist for The Animals died in a British hospital at age 57.

2004 Nearly half of the 4500 people in the audience walked out of Linda Ronstadt’s show in Las Vegas after she dedicated an encore of “Desperado” to filmmaker Michael Moore and urged the crowd to see his film Fahrenheit 9/11.

2009 Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon died of cardiac arrest at the age of 64.


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