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This Day In Rock: July 28

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This Day In Rock: July 28

1954 The Crew Cuts reached the top spot of the Billboard Pop singles chart with “Sh-Boom”, a song that many consider to be the premier forerunner of 1950s Rock and Roll.
The first press interview with a 19 year old Elvis was published in his hometown newspaper, Memphis Press-Scimitar.

1956 Gene Vincent made his first appearance on national TV by performing on The Perry Como Show.

1957 Jerry Lee Lewis makes his TV debut on the Steve Allen Show.

1961 The Tokens record “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

1973 MCA Records introduces Lynyrd Skynyrd to the press and explains how to pronounce the band’s name.

1987 Apple Corps Ltd. and Apple Records launch a $15 million law suit against Nike over the use of The Beatles’ song “Revolution” in a TV commercial.

2000 Jerome Smith, founding member of KC & the Sunshine Band, fell a bulldozer and was crushed to death. He was 47.

2011 Meatloaf, passed out onstage at Pittsburgh’s Trib Amphitheater during an apparent asthma attack. After about ten minutes he regained his composure and finished the show.


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