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Three Weeks from September

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Three Weeks from September

It’s Friday, a day that always makes me happy. But as I looked at the calendar this morning the sudden realization that summer is winding down made me sad.  September 1st is three weeks from today.  Somewhere along the way as I’ve gotten older, I seem to have lost my lazy hazy summer ways.  Remember when we were kids and summer seemed to last forever?  Endless days of baseball, swimming, fishing, grabbing a sleeping bag and sleeping under the stars in a buddy’s back yard, boy scout campouts, mowing lawns for two bucks so you had money for Dairy Queen, riding bikes to destinations we never told our parents about… day after day of new adventures.  I know I’m making a rather melancholy parallel between summer and getting older and I don’t mean to…. but I sure would love to spend a few days doing all the things we did back then… when summer seemed to last forever.


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