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August 16th

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August 16th

1957 Buddy Holly And The Crickets played the Apollo Theatre in Harlem and were booed by the mostly Black crowd who were expecting to see an R&B group that also used the name ‘The Crickets’. By the end of the night however, the audience was cheering.

1962 Pete Best was fired from The Beatles by manager Brian Epstein, who was told by record producer George Martin that he wanted to use a more experienced session drummer on the band’s recordings. John, Paul and George had long admired the work of Rory Storm And The Hurricanes’ drummer Ringo Starr, who jumped at the chance to join them. After his dismissal, Pete Best would never have any further communication with his former mates.

1969 Abbie Hoffman is knocked offstage by Pete Townshend while attempting to make a political statement during the Who’s set at Woodstock. Later, Townshend says he didn’t know it was Hoffman.

1975 Peter Gabriel announced that he was leaving Genesis. The group auditioned more than 400 singers during the next 18 months before deciding that Phil Collins, who had been the drummer for Genesis since 1970, could front the band.

1977 42 year old Elvis was found dead at his Graceland mansion. Presley’s girlfriend, Ginger Alden, awoke in the afternoon and noticed that he was not in bed and found him lying on the floor of the bathroom. Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful and at 3:30 p.m. he was pronounced dead. After an examination, it was revealed that Presley’s body contained butabarbital, codeine, morphine, pentobarbital, Placidyl, Quaalude, Valium and Valmid. He left an estate valued at 4.9 million dollars, which by 1993 had grown to over 50 million.

1983 After dating for six years, Paul Simon marries Carrie Fisher. The marriage would last less than two years.

1985 Madonna married actor Sean Penn. She would file for divorce the following year.

1997 On the 20th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, over 30,000 fans descended on Memphis, Tennessee for a 10 minute mourning, circling his grave. A poll found that almost a third of the fans were keeping an eye out for him in the crowd.

2011 Thousands of silent mourners paid their respects to Elvis Presley at his gravesite at Graceland, on the 34th anniversary of his death. Flower arrangements and heart-shaped wreaths decorated the burial site as Presley’s music played softly in the background.


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