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One hit wonder? Nope…

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One hit wonder?  Nope...

In 1966 there was some pretty creative music on the radio, as bands experimented with effects like the fuzz box, and the beginnings of what was called “psychedelic rock”.  At the forefront was a band called The Electric Prunes.  Their first big hit was 1966’s “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night”.  The following year they hit the charts again with “Get Me To The World on Time” which to me sounds like Bo Diddley  on drugs, but surprisingly works pretty well.  The next year, the band amazed the rock world when they released a psychedelic rock album interpretation of a Catholic mass… “Mass in F Minor”.  The album sold pretty well too.  Anyway I consider the Prunes a key factor in shaping our rock world in the 60’s, but today their 2nd hit “Get Me to The World on Time” is just a forgotten oldie.


Picture courtesy of Billboard Magazine

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