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October 13

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October 13

1958 Billboard magazine runs a story about the vocal group, The Teddy Bears, saying “18 year old Phil Spector, who wrote and arranged their hit ‘To Know Him is to Love Him’, is studying to be a court reporter.” This same edition included the Best Sellers In Stores chart for the last time. Those sales figures would now be included in calculating The Hot 100, a list that has remained the industry standard to this day.

1963 One of the first known demonstrations of Beatlemania took place as The Beatles appear on Sunday Night at the Palladium. Many fans battled with police to get into the theater as 15 million British viewers watched the show on TV.

1965 The Who records “My Generation”. Roger Daltrey would later say that he stuttered the lyrics to try to fit them to the music. The BBC initially refused to play the song because it did not want to offend people who stammer.

1970 Janis Joplin’s ashes are scattered off the coast of California.

1974 Ed Sullivan passed away at the age of 73 from cancer of the esophagus. His Sunday night variety show was on the air for 23 years and won an Emmy and two Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Variety Show.

1998 Craig Atkinson, drummer for Count Five on their 1966 hit “Psychotic Reaction”, died from an unknown illness at the age of 50.

2001 Peter Doyle, guitarist and vocalist for The New Seekers, died of cancer at the age of 52.

2004 The US Internal Revenue Service charged 63-year-old Ronald Isley with tax evasion.

2007 Tom Dawes, bassist for The Cyrkle on their two 1966 hits, “Red Rubber Ball” and “Turn Down Day”, died following complications from heart surgery. He was 64.

2008 In a video message on his website, Ringo Starr announced that he no longer has time to sign autographs and asked fans not to send him any mail at all. “No more fan mail and no objects to be signed. Nothing.” After finishing a tour of the US and Canada, he was dividing his time between Los Angeles, the South of France and his UK home in Surrey.

2009 Al Martino died at the age of 82.

2012 B.B. Cunningham Jr., who had been a member of Jerry Lee Lewis’ band since 1997, was found shot to death in Memphis. He had also been a member of Ronnie And The Daytonas in the 1960s.

2016 Bob Dylan became the first songwriter in history to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.



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