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November 1

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November 1

1956 A Rock ‘n’ Roll oddity happened when two different versions of the same song, “Cindy, Oh Cindy”, were tied at #12 on the Billboard chart. Eddie Fisher’s version was to be his last Top 40 entry, while the rendition by Vince Martin And The Tarriers proved to be the only time they made the list.

1958 East Germany leaders dub Elvis as “Public enemy number one.”

1959 For the first time since 1954, Elvis Presley doesn’t have a record on any of the Billboard charts. He is currently in Germany serving with the US Army.

1962 While The Beatles were appearing at The Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, a recording was made on a small, portable tape recorder which would be pressed and issued by Singasong Records in 1977 as “Live! At the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, 1962”.

1964 The Dave Clark Five appears on The Ed Sullivan Show.

1965 Rochester, New York police halt a Rolling Stones concert until over 3,500 screaming fans return to order.

1968 George Harrison releases his first solo album, “Wonderwall Music” on the Apple label.

1971 Sly And The Family Stone continues to cancel many concerts at the last minute because Sly doesn’t show up.

1972 The 33rd and final film of Elvis’ career, Elvis On Tour opens in the US.

1975 The Carpenters are forced to cancel their upcoming British tour because of Karen’s deteriorating health.

1987 Dire Straits’ CD “Brothers In Arms” passes the three million sales mark, becoming the UK’s all-time best selling album.

2000 The Recording Industry Association Of America introduces guidelines for Parental Advisory labeling on recordings.

2004 61 year old Terry Knight, the former manager of Grand Funk Railroad, was murdered at his home in Killeen, Texas. Knight was defending his daughter during a domestic disturbance when he was stabbed by her boyfriend.

2008 Jimmy Carl Black, the original drummer for Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention, passed away after a bout with lung cancer. He was 70.



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