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David Cassidy R.I.P.

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
David Cassidy R.I.P.

Yesterday David Cassidy died of Liver and kidney failure, he was only 67.  An amazingly talented man, he was a true teen heart-throb in the 70’s as part of television’s The Partridge Family.  At one time his fan club was reportedly bigger than The Beatles and Elvis. In recent years he’d opened up about his years of substance abuse, alcoholism, and more recently his battles with dementia.  Such a sad story… but familiar among the famous and wealthy.  Such a waste.

David had success with the records of The Partridge Family, as well as his solo efforts after the TV show ended.  But he fought against his squeaky clean TV image and never achieved the huge successes of the Partridges.  Today a Partridge Family hit from 1970 with David on lead vocals… sadly the song is just another forgotten oldie that went to #1.


Photo courtesy of the Chicago Sun Times



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