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Surviving a large family Christmas get-together!

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Surviving a large family Christmas get-together!

I get asked a lot of questions about Christmas.  Most of these come from listeners, and most come as phone calls… there seems to be a trust in your favorite dj that I’ve never really understood.  Last week a listener called in a birthday, and at the end of the call asked “by the way, do you have any teen-agers on your Christmas list?” Weird.  It seems he has a large family and they always exchange names… and this year he drew his 15 year old niece.  He was overwhelmed at the prospect of buying her a gift and knew whatever he bought would suck.  “The kids already call me weird uncle Bill!”  “If I buy her a gift she’ll hate it!”

Hold on I said… what’s the dollar limit?  $25.00 he replied.  Do you want to be the coolest guy at Christmas to your niece says I?  Yes I do he answered.  I questioned further… do you care if you exceed the dollar limit?  Not at all he said, just make her like the gift!  Okay, say I, go to the bank and get a new $50.00 bill and give it to her in a Santa Christmas card.  He was quiet for a minute, finally responding with OH MY GOD, SHE WILL LOVE ME FOREVER!!

Problem solved.  Tomorrow, I’ll give you my idea for another problem at large Christmas get-togethers.



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