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Paul Revere and the Raiders

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Paul Revere and the Raiders

Today’s forgotten oldie is “Don’t Take It So Hard” from Paul Revere and the Raiders.  A top 40 hit in 1968, this is the song that really started me thinking about too much of a good thing.  Paul Revere was a master at promotion, his name coupled with his Revolutionary War costumes for the band had helped catapult the group to stardom in 1965.  They were everywhere, even becoming regulars on a Dick Clark TV show, a variety daytimer called “Where The Action Is”. But as time passed, the schtick grew tired and my theory is the music fell into a formula pattern that spelled the end.  A short comeback with a shortened name  and without the costumes provided a comeback in 1971, but the band faded into rock history after that.  Today’s forgotten oldie, is a good song, just not much different than what went before.  “Don’t Take It So Hard” from Paul Revere and the Raiders.


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