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Remembering John Denver…

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Remembering John Denver...

Over the years I’ve spent in radio, I’ve interviewed an array of famous musicians.  My favorite interview was in Rochester, Minnesota in 1975, when John Denver called my station and asked for the DJ.  He said he’d been listening and I sounded great.  He also said he was in town for a couple of days of checkups at Mayo, and would I like a phone interview?  I said if he had time would he want to come in for a live interview and I suggested we could play his biggest hits and chat about each record.  He was there in 20 minutes and went on the air with me for over an hour.  I remember a lot about that interview, what a truly nice guy John Denver was, how proud he was that his music crossed all boundaries (country, adult contemporary, rock and roll), and how funny he was if you just let him talk and stopped asking questions.

Today’s forgotten oldie is John’s signature song.  With all his number one hits, surprisingly this song only made it to #9 in 1973. But to me it’s the song he’s remembered by.  Rocky Mountain High… what a gem!


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