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Family Fest and the Grandparent Secret

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Family Fest and the Grandparent Secret

Family Fest is less than a month away, Sunday February 25th from 11AM to 4PM.  If you’ve been to Family Fest before you probably noticed the times are an hour later, that’s because we’ve had so many requests to move it back because of church.  But, if you’ve never attended the event, I encourage you to put it on your calendar and make it a point to come on down!   Family Fest is just what the name suggests, a happy event designed for families to discover new things about the La Crosse area that are designed for today’s family.

If you’re older and have grandchildren, I especially encourage you to bring the grandkids.  Over the years I’ve talked to many people that attended with their grandkids and their responses are always very similar.  First they say “it’s a lot of fun”, next they usually say something like “it gave me a chance to connect with my grandkids and discover what they like, you know… what they’re really into.” I usually respond with something brilliant like “don’t tell their parents, make it your grandparent secret weapon”.

Okay, what if you’ve attended Family Fest in the past… why should you go again?  The answer to that is simple…. lots of fun, something for all ages, great food, lots of local talent on the Family Fest stage throughout the day, and there’s always plenty of things that are different from year to year. Where else can you go to spoil your grandkids as only grandma and grandpa can do?

So hopefully I’ll see you at Family Fest.  If you see me wandering around be sure and let me know what you think.  Maybe we can have a Logger Dog together from the Loggers, or a Dilly Bar from Onalaska Dairy Queen to benefit CMNH.


Photo of grandparents watching the grandkids at Family Fest


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