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Top Travel Trends 2018!

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Top Travel Trends 2018!

If you’re planning to travel this year but can’t decide where to go, check out a few of the top travel trends for 2018.

Trend 1: Barn stays. If you weren’t born in a barn, maybe it’s time you spent some quality vacation time in one. Refurbished barns are all the rage in vacation rentals from as little as $10 per person, per night. The only thing missing is that fresh barn smell.

Trend 2: The skip-gen vacation. It’s basically grandparents and grandkids taking trips together. Just make sure the kids are old enough that they don’t need diaper changes and they leave their computer games at home.

Trend 3: Wellness at sea. As the general population becomes more fit, cruise ships follow suit by offering a variety of fitness activities for health conscious passengers. I don’t know about you, but staying fit would be last thing on my cruise to-do list. Bring on the buffet!

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