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Music Machine

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Music Machine

In 1966 I heard a song on the radio that propelled me to the record store to find the album.  The song was the #15 “Talk Talk” by the Music Machine and it knocked me out.  It was so different that I insisted my band learn several of their songs.  That’s how I discovered that this unique band was tuning their guitars to D-Flat rather than the standard E, giving them a thick, bass heavy sound. They also used a homemade fuzz-box and other techniques to create their sound.  They influenced many bands that followed them including the Doors and Iron Butterfly.  Perhaps they were too early with their sound, they had two top 20 hits and then dropped out of sight.  Today they are remembered as true rock pioneers, but their songs are forgotten oldies… “Talk Talk” deserves better.


Record cover from Original Sound Records

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