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Let’s Laugh!!

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Let's Laugh!!

If you haven’t noticed, there are holidays every single day of the year!  Yes, somewhere somebody is celebrating something every day.  Some of theses so-called holidays are silly but some of them are actually pretty cool and even worth celebrating.  So I’m going to tell you the holidays and if I’m going to celebrate any of them (or not) and you can decide if any work for you.

March 19 Holidays (seven total) –

“National Poultry Day” – “National Wellderly Day” – “Client’s Day” – “Certified Nurses Day” – “Act Happy Day” – “National Chocolate Caramel Day” – and finally “Let’s Laugh Day”.

So today the one I’m going to celebrate is the last one… Let’s Laugh Day.  Doctors say laughing is good for you too, so I’m gonna spend the day laughing (and possibly munching chocolate caramel while I’m laughing).

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