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Holy Holidays Batman!

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Holy Holidays Batman!

It’s the first day of spring!!  Finally, the day the sun crosses the equator and our days become longer than our nights.  And wouldn’t you know it, there are a BUNCH of holidays people are celebrating.  Here are a few of the better holidays (according to Keith) and I’ll star (*) the ones celebrated on the 1st day of spring.

March 20 – “Alien Abduction Day”, “Great American Meatout Day*”,  International Astrology Day*”, “International Day of Happiness”, “International Earth Day*”,  “National Agriculture Day”,  “National Ravioli Day”,  “Proposal Day”,  “Snowman Burning Day*”,  “National Bock Beer Day”, “Brain Injuries Awareness Day”, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day”,  “National Kiss Your Fiance Day”, “National Native HIV/Aids Awareness Day”, “World Storytelling Day*”,  “World Day of Theater For Children and Young People”, “World Social Work Day”, and it’s “World Sparrow Day”.

Finally here’s my pick for the holiday today that we should celebrate… “National Jump Out Day”.  This is a day to get your kids and grandkids outdoors jumping, running, playing games… doing what healthy kids do!  Whichever holiday you celebrate, have fun!

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