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Spinach? Yep.

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Spinach?  Yep.

The funny thing about the holidays that people celebrate on Monday, March 26, 2018 is that two of them are all about spinach.  Yep, today is National Spinach Day, and also Spanish Festival Day.  The people that celebrate Spinach Day (besides Popeye) are pretty sold on spinach and want the world to know how many delicious ways you can prepare it.  Yawn.

A better holiday is Legal Assistants Day. A day dedicated to those hard working behind the scenes folks at law firms.  And since it’s also Purple Day today, let’s hope the Legal Assistants are wearing their purple finery today.  It’s also Solitude Day… best celebrated alone in the bathroom (that’s a joke son).  It’s also Nougat Day, a day for that mysterious ingredient that makes our candy bars so yummy.

And finally, it’s National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.  I’ve decided that my made up day will be Keith Anderson Day, in honor of me… so let’s party!  For me, LOL.

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