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Call me Joe

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Call me Joe

There are just a few holidays that folks are celebrating today.  It’s World Theatre Day, celebrating the live performance arts.  Also, it’s American Diabetes Association Alert Day, to focus on diabetes, still a killer that needs a cure.  It’s also Spanish Paella Day, I’m not sure I’ve ever had it but it’s the only food holiday so knock yourself out if you’re into it.

The strangest holiday today is Quirky Country Music Song Title Day.  Re; Jerry Reed’s “She Got the Gold Mine, I Got the Shaft”, well you get the point.   It’s also Celebrate Exchange Day, a day to honor Exchange Clubs and their battle against child abuse.  Plus it’s Holy Tuesday, celebrated five days before Easter annually.

And finally it’s National Joe Day.  Joe… a man’s name, the name all guys wish was theirs.  Today is the day you are allowed to have people call you Joe, and it’s the only day I recall that is dedicated to a name.  But really guys, haven’t you always thought Joe was a cool name?  After all, America’s favorite comic book for many year was Joe Palooka… a hero any way you looked at it.


Picture courtesy of Harvey Comics

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