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British Invasion

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British Invasion

After the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan in February of 1964, the American music industry basically sat back and said “well now what do we do?”  The Fab Four was a pretty tough act to follow.  The record makers knew what to do right away though, “Get over to England right away, sign a group to a record contract with us, make sure they look nice and dress nice and have long hair.” And the philosophy worked like a charm, one month later two British bands, the Swinging Blue Jeans and The Searchers, burst onto the Hot 100 to tie for 2nd place for the Brits that were at the start of the invasion.  Of these two, the Swinging Blue Jeans “Hippy Hippy Shake” was a one-hit-wonder and they disappeared after that success.  But the Searchers were a different story, after their initial smash “Needles and Pins” the follow up song “Don’t Throw Your Love Away” was also a top twenty hit, hitting #16 in June of 64.  Today though, it’s a forgotten oldie.


Photo of Record Cover by Pye Records

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