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Happy Pencil Day!

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Happy Pencil Day!

I know, I know, aren’t there more important holidays to celebrate today?  And yes, it probably appears that way… after all it’s Good Friday and that’s a biggie.  Many of us will leave work to go to church today as part of our Easter celebration.  It’s also National Doctor Day, World Bipolar Day, and National I Am In Control Day… three great holidays from the medical community.  And of course how can I forget about National Virtual Vacation Day, Take A Walk In The Park Day and No Homework Day?  Three more great holidays to push our heads even closer to spring and summer.

Okay, so why Pencil Day?  As near as I can tell, the modern pencil has been around since about 1795, and strangely the eraser seems to have been invented before that… as early as 1770.  Pencils of extremely poor quality show up in writings as early as 1565.  BUT, on March 30, 1858, Hymen Lipman of Pennsylvania patented the first modern pencil with an eraser on one end.  And from that point on, school children got homework… or at least that’s my theory.  So, that’s why today is pencil day.  My question is, since Lipman was from Pennsylvania, why isn’t it called a penncyl?





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