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Historical Holidays

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Historical Holidays

We have a few holidays being celebrated around the world today mostly commemorating big events in history… one of them dedicated to an “ear” that started a war.  Jenkins’ Ear Day is celebrated in England in honor of an English Captain who had his ear cut off by a Spanish sailor creating a patriotic fervor and led to England going to war with Spain.  Another Brit holiday is Winston Churchill Day, celebrated to honor the Prime Minister who resigned on April 9th after an illustrious career.

Closer to home, it’s Appomattox Day in honor of Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendering to the Union Forces at Appomattox courthouse in 1865, bringing an end to the Civil War.  Finally it’s National Former Prisoner of War Day, paying tribute to all former POW’s but special today because in 1942 over 66,000 American troops and 9,000 Filipino allies surrendered to the Japanese, leading to the infamous Bataan Death March during which thousands of soldiers died at the hands of their captors.

So there you go, now which of these do you want to celebrate today?  Personally, my prayers will include the POW’s that have sacrificed so selflessly throughout our history.


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