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Anybody need a holiday?

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Anybody need a holiday?

With all the snow over the weekend, and an April that looks and feels like January, maybe you need a good holiday to celebrate?  Today here’s a few pretty good ones.

First we have two that I really like because they’re steeped in history… Patriot’s Day, to celebrate the April day in 1776 that the Revolutionary War began when British troops fired on American at Concord and Lexington.  Plus it’s the Boston Marathon today which is always held on Patriot’s Day.  Very fitting.

Food lovers will enjoy National Eggs Benedict Day today, as well as the Day of the Mushroom.  But don’t be surprised if restaurants ignore the mushrooms, because it’s holiday aimed more at the anticipation of the spring when most mushrooms appear than the actual food item itself.

Finally we have a trio of interesting holidays, starting with Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day.  Who thinks of these things?  Next it’s Teach Your Daughter To Volunteer Day…. is it me or shouldn’t that be teach your kids to volunteer?  Last but not least, it’s Save The Elephant Day, I cannot imagine anyone not supporting this concept.

So there you are, hopefully a good holiday celebration today will help you think about something other than the weather.


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