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Not One-Hit Wonders

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Not One-Hit Wonders

One of the most unusual success stories of the British Invasion era in rock and roll belongs to the Walker Brothers.  An American band that saw little success in their home country until 1965 after they moved to England.  Americans thought they were a Brit trio and gobbled up their first record, “Make It Easy On Yourself” which made gold record status globally and reached #16 on the Hot 100.  They were extremely popular in Great Britain with several top ten hits and albums, and two #1 songs, but the only reached the USA top 20 one more time with “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Any More” a year later.  For three years the Walker Brothers were huge in England, but never produced more than a ripple in the USA again.  Oh, and they weren’t brothers they just all used the name Walker.  And strangely, their first hit is today’s forgotten oldie… usually it’s the other way around.  The Walker Brothers great hit “Make It Easy On Yourself” deserves better.


Photo source – Philips Records – Billboard, page 1, 23 October 1965

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