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America’s Most Aggressive Drivers!

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America's Most Aggressive Drivers!

According to a new survey from one of my favorite websites,, speeding, hard braking and other aggressive driving habits can not only be dangerous, they also sap your gas and can cost aggressive drivers a lot more a year in fuel. So, which states are the worst offenders? Here’s the Top 10.

1. California
2. Connecticut
3. Georgia
4. Texas
5. North Carolina
6. New Jersey
7. Delaware
8. Florida
9. Kentucky
10. Arizona

By the way, the survey found the states with the higher speed limits actually had fewer incidents of aggressive driving. The open roads of Wyoming, the Dakotas and Alaska had the least aggressive drivers. My non-aggressive driving style consistently nets me a combined city/hwy average between 32 and 34 mpg for my ’02 Saturn.


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