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May Day!

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May Day!

Yes, finally it’s May!  Are you as happy to see April go away as I am?  What a crummy April… snow, cold and even an April Fool’s day on a Sunday to start the month.  Plus we had a Friday the 13th in April… what a crummy month!  But now we celebrate spring with dancing, singing, and according to tradition we also get cake today.  Sounds good to me.

There are also a bunch of silly holidays today, but a couple are worth noting… it’s National Phone In Sick Day, and it’s International Save The Rhino Day.  How often can you celebrate the three best holidays at once?  Yup, call in sick, then dance, sing and eat cake, and along the way call and make a donation to one of the organizations working to save rhinos.

One big thing you can do for yourself today is to call and put yourself on the “NO CALL LIST”.  Remember, cell phone numbers go public this month, which means telemarketers will be able to call you legally unless you’re on the “no-call list”.  The number to call is 888-382-1222.  It only takes a minute or so to do this and it’s good for FIVE YEARS.  Remember to call from the phone number you want blocked, this is a safe call I’ve done it.  And happy May Day!


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