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National Teacher Day (and coconut cream pie too)

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National Teacher Day (and coconut cream pie too)

Today is National Teacher Day… a great time to let that favorite teacher know how much they mean, or meant to you!  I have a friend that always takes her favorite teacher out to lunch on National Teacher Day, even though it’s been over 40 years since they were teacher and student.  Do you have a teacher that really influenced you and contributed to the person you are today?  Maybe a lunch would help show your favorite teacher what he or she meant to you!  Plus there are several restaurant chains that are offering specials to teachers, and stores like Barnes and Nobles have special deals for teachers today too.

And if you do take your favorite teacher out for a meal, make sure they get coconut cream pie for dessert… because it’s also Coconut Cream Pie Day, and it would be a shame to let an opportunity like that go to waste!


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