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Hungry enough?

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Hungry enough?

That’s an interesting question when you ask it of three miners, trapped underground with no food or water.  Especially when one of the miners looks tasty to his friend Joe.  Anyway, that’s the unnerving premise for the song “Timothy” by the Buoys which climbed to #17 on the hot 100 back in 1970.  Written by Rupert Holmes who discovered the band, the song was actually intended as a stunt to get the band noticed.  Rupert believed if your song gets banned, people will buy your records, and by golly it worked.  Unfortunately it created a dilemma for the Buoys, what do you do to follow that?  Less than a year later the band broke up, never to again reform.  Today their unusual song is just another forgotten oldie.


Photo of record sleeve by Collectable Records

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