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Play With Fire

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Play With Fire

Today’s forgotten oldie was actually a “B” side, originally released as the flip side of the Rolling Stones smash hit “The Last Time”.  “Play With Fire” was one of those songs though, DJ’s loved it (hey, DJ’s love any song that’s only two minutes long) and it received a ton of radio play, and it had a very “in your face” feel that the fans loved.  So despite being a B side, Billboard credited it with reaching #96 on the hot 100.  How does that work?  Regardless, the Stones were besieged by fans to include the song on their tours so they did… the song is even included on the band’s first greatest hits album “High Tides and Green Grass”.  It’s also a song that shows up in movies and TV shows, most recently a current episode of “Westworld”.  It’s also a really good song.  It’s also today’s forgotten oldie.


Photo of 45 record sleeve by Decca Records

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