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Traffic Complaint Day

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Traffic Complaint Day

I’ve been patiently waiting for a holiday to complain about traffic stuff and since it’s not appearing, I’ll start one myself.  Actually, there are a few things I see almost daily in the La Crosse area that really annoy me and I’m not shy about sharing my thoughts.

First of all, for the guy in the day-glo-green jacket this morning going North on Oak Avenue on his bicycle at 5:18am. You have a nice wide bike lane so why do you insist on riding on the line?  Do you have a death wish?  And I see so many cyclists doing this… why?

Next, the roundabouts on Highway 35 are going to see a major accident sometime.  During rush hour, cars going home get in a line together and cruise right through the roundabout bumper to bumper.  Do you see the car to the right?  Do you see the yield sign?  Can you read?

And since we’re on it, whatever happened to a car length’s distance for every 10 mph??  Tail gating road hogs.

Next, we have all this construction on Losey boulevard and not one speck of it is going towards fixing the washboard road. Now that’s really annoying.

Next, I know that the potholes on Hauser Street owe me an upper ball joint and probably a strut.  I see somebody made a feeble attempt to fill them with cold mix.  Nice try.

Can someone tell me why every time one of our major roads gets upgraded they lower the speed limit?  Highway 16 to the mall and Highway 35 Onalaska to Holmen are both 45 now.  They both used to be 50 when they were crappy roads.

And why oh why do we still have magnetometers at all the stop lights in the area?  They cause traffic jams and do nothing to improve flow during busy times.

Anybody have a favorite gripe they want to add?  Do it on the Eagle facebook page.


Photo of Keith in the car – speechless again






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