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Turtles last big hit?

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Turtles last big hit?

Strangely, today’s forgotten oldie was written by and originally recorded by the Byrds in 1964, but not included on any Byrds albums until “Preflyte” in 1969.  The Turtles meanwhile slowed the song down, and scored big in late 1968/early 1969 when the song “You Showed Me” reached #6 on the hot 100 and #1 on Record World and in Canada.  The song has always been one of my favorite Turtle songs, with a perfect mix of unique chord progressions to bring out the best in the Turtle vocal duo of Flo and Eddie.  Sadly, it was the last big hit for the Turtles and within a year they had dropped out of sight completely.  Sadly, “You Showed Me” has also become a forgotten oldie.

Photo of album cover by White Whale Records

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