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The British band  The Yardbirds had a somewhat short span of successful years, but are known as psychedelic music pioneers and the band that produced three amazing guitarists; Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.  In 1965, the Yardbirds scored a top twenty hit with the Bo Diddley inspired “I’m A Man”.  Something about the song captured me, and I’ve been a Yardbird fan ever since.  Don’t confuse this with the Chicago or Spencer Davis version, the Yardbird cut is a different song entirely.  My band back in the day learned the song and I sang and played harmonica on our version.

The Yardbirds never had a number one song, and I honestly don’t believe they cared.  If the Beatles were the most lovable British band, the Yardbirds were the coolest… their aura on stage was unique and very real… I loved their concerts and I saw two.

Today though, “I’m A Man” by the Yardbirds is a forgotten oldie, sadly.


Photo of album cover by Epic Records

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