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I Started a Joke

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I Started a Joke

The Bee Gees had a number of hits that I consider forgotten oldies.  It’s an example of how programmers will take a prolific group’s large library of hits and trim it down to a few representative songs.  I don’t care for the practice at all.  In 1968, a song written by the three brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice, climbed to #6 on the hot 100 and was a hit in over a dozen other countries.  The song was “I Started a Joke” and it was actually written with no meaning… the band wanted to see what the press would come up with for the meaning of the song.  This was when the Bee Gees were still presenting themselves as a five piece band, but this was the last single with lead guitarist Vince Melouney, he left the band after the song was released.  Another great song, forgotten today.


Record sleeve by Polydor Records.

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