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Sit Down, I Think I Love You

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Sit Down, I Think I Love You

Yes, I’m continuing yesterday’s theme for our forgotten oldie, that theme being “I Love You”.  In 1967 a San Francisco band called The Mojo Men covered a Steven Stills song that had been recorded by Buffalo Springfield on their first album.  Completely changing the rhythm and speed of the song, The Mojo Men had a top 40 smash with “Sit Down, I Think I Love You”.  But they only had two other songs barely make it onto the hot 100, and by 1969 the Mojo Men broke up for good.  I saw the band once during the time they had a female drummer named Jan Errico, an extremely rare occurrence back in those days.  It’s a fun song, and a forgotten oldie.


Photo of album by GRT Records

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