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Hey, wait a minute (you’re saying), Gloria isn’t a forgotten oldie. Well, in a strange way it’s a huge forgotten oldie and believe it or not it was on the charts four different times in the USA.  Confused?  I’m actually talking about the original version, written by Van Morrison and recorded and released by his band “Them” in 1964.  The song was released four times as the “A” or “B” side and charted on the Hot 100 four times… 1964 #102, 1965 #96, 1966 #71, and 1967 #88.  So it wasn’t a big hit, but it certainly had an influence… a huge hit for the Shadows of Knight in 1966 (#10 hot 100), it’s been covered by hundreds of performers, played on stage by local bands millions of times, and would have been a much bigger hit except for the lyric “she comes up to my room” so a lot of stations refused to play it.  The Shadows of Knight changed the words to “she calls out my name”.

A great song, it deserves better than to be a forgotten oldie.


Photo of 45 record sleeve by Decca Records

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