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Unplugging On Vacation!

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Unplugging On Vacation!

Can you detach yourself from your devices while you’re on vacation? A new survey found that most American’s can’t “unplug” from work emails, texts, or social media while taking time off. Only 37% said they could completely unplug on vacation. Yeah right. 37% said they post to social media more than they do when they’re working. Wait, shouldn’t they be working when they’re at work? 23% admit they’ve seen family vacations ruined by family members’ constantly checking social media accounts. Yup, I’ve seen it too. And while they admitted feeling “pressured” to post photos to prove they’re having fake fun on their vacation, more than a quarter of those admit to getting bummed out when their posts don’t get enough “likes.” Awe, too bad. Sounds like they need to get a real life! I don’t have a problem unplugging on vacation since I never answer my landline anyway.



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