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Don’t Bring Me Down

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Don't Bring Me Down

In 1966, the Animals scored in several countries with the song “Don’t Bring Me Down”, including #12 on the hot 100 in the USA. Don’t confuse this song with the later hit by ELO, they’re two different songs.  “Don’t Bring Me Down” may be my favorite Animals song… a great keyboard riff, iconic fuzz on guitar, and Eric Burdon’s R&B grit in the delivery make this a classic.  It’s one of the last hits for the British version of the Animals, just before Burdon moved to LA and formed the New Animals.  The song was on the U.S. charts in June and July of 66, and sadly by September the original Animals had dissipated and broken up.

Amazingly, the song was written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Today it’s just another forgotten oldie.


Photo of record sleeve by Decca Records.


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