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Halfway through summer

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Halfway through summer

I was surprised when I realized that we’ve already reached the halfway point of the summer of 2018.  Holy cow, I still have a list of things to do that I love to do during the summer… and haven’t done yet. I better get busy, because here’s my list and it’s a long one; go to a couple garage sales and score a goodie, go to a Brewer or Twins game, go camping and make smores over the campfire, go camping and play bags, euchre and chickenfoot with friends, go camping and fix a feast with friends, go to the Milwaukee Zoo, go to Mall of America, go golfing, go fishing… wow, I just realized there are enough things to keep me busy every weekend through October… ouch.  And yet, we’ve been busy visiting the grandson in Eau Claire, me playing gigs in the band, doing yardwork, grilling on the deck, etc, etc.

I think I need to simplify my life or something.


Photo of a past feast being prepared at the campground.

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