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Gorgeous Grandma Day

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Gorgeous Grandma Day

I love this holiday – Gorgeous Grandma Day!  If you weren’t aware of it, it’s been around awhile… celebrated every year on July 23rd.  Yes, unlike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Gorgeous Grandma’s Day isn’t on a Sunday every year which is perhaps why so many people haven’t heard of it.

If your Grandma, or both your Grandma’s are still alive you are a very lucky person. You have the opportunity to spend time today letting your Grandma know how gorgeous you think she is.  Take her out for lunch, bring her flowers, visit her, or at the very least call her and tell her you miss her.  I wish I could do any of those.  My Grandma Carrie died when I was pretty young but I have great memories of her.  My Grandma Mabel died just a few years ago, one day before her 102nd birthday. I really miss her and have great memories of many, many times we were together. She was my girl.

Anyway, here’s hoping you can celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day!


Photo of my gorgeous Grandma Mabel.

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