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Axe Throwing Bars? Yep.

La Crosse, WI, United States / Eagle 102.7
Axe Throwing Bars? Yep.

I heard yesterday that another bar is opening in La Crosse. Not exactly monumental news except for one thing, this one is offering Axe-Throwing to it’s patrons. So far, everyone I’ve mentioned this to has responded the same way… “wow this is a disaster waiting to happen, alcohol and throwing axes, oh my God what are they thinking?!?”

Okay, I admit I was intrigued. Many years ago I participated in a sport called Buckskinning. Basically I dressed up like a Mountain Man from the 1830’s and attended Rendezvous events around the country. I dressed in buckskin clothing, slept in a teepee, and competed in shooting, knife throwing, and (you probably guessed it) I competed in axe throwing competitions. And I did pretty well, even winning a few of the contests.

So I was intrigued when I heard this news.  And I discovered that it’s actually a trend that’s slowly growing around the country. And, it seems that despite the naysayers, it’s a pretty safe sport. I just might have to check it out myself.  Read all about it here.


Photo of SOG Throwing Axe, available at several outlets.

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