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I Know…

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I Know...

Yes, I know you’ve heard today’s forgotten oldie many times over the years.  After all, the song has been a hit three times for three different artists!  First, the song “(I Know) I’m Losing You” was a big hit for the Temptations in 1966, reaching #8 on the chart. Then in 1970, Rare Earth took the song to #7 on the charts.  A year later Rod Stewart and The Faces had a hit as well, reaching #24 on the Hot 100.  It’s the darndest thing that the Rare Earth version was the biggest hit, but is the one that’s forgotten today.

Rare Earth had several other hits and are a big part of rock history as well, being the first all white group to be signed by Motown records. Motown decided to create a separate record label for their white rock bands, so they created Rare Earth Records, named after the first band. Anyway, I love this version of the song… forgotten today… Rare Earth and “(I Know) I’m Losing You”.


Photo of promo poster from Rare Earth Records.

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