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Happy Birthday Mick Jagger

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Happy Birthday Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is 75 today. Can you imagine?  After many years of rock star indulgences and smoking, the guy is still in amazing shape… watch any of his concert videos and he still runs across the stage like a kid.  I think it’s amazing. Anyway, in honor of Mick’s birthday today’s forgotten oldie is a Rolling Stones’ song that’s all Mick… “Play With Fire”. The song was actually the B side of “The Last Time” but there was so much demand for it, radio stations played it as a double-side hit.  Billboard conceded that it was a legitimate charting song, but they listed it as #96 on the Hot 100. How they determined that is a mystery to me, and I consider the song a hit.  The song was included on their first greatest hits album “High Tides and Green Grass” and was on the song list for Stones’ tours as late as the 90’s.  Today though, “Play With Fire” is pretty much another forgotten oldie… with the 75 year old Mick Jagger on vocals.


Photo of record label by Decca Records

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