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My favorite TV show is back!

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My favorite TV show is back!

There are several TV stations that air programming consisting of older TV shows, everything from Gunsmoke to I Love Lucy to M.A.S.H. to Xena, Warrior Princess.  Some of the older shows are really funny too, like The Jack Benny Program and George Burns and Gracie Allen. It’s easy to see why these shows stayed on the air so many years and I love watching them.

So this morning I spotted a story online that has me grinning ear to ear.  My favorite show is airing on MeTV and I didn’t even know it.  WKRP in Cincinnati is on every evening on MeTV.   Andy Travis, Herb Tarlek, Johnny Fever, Les Nessman, Mr. Carlson, Jennifer Marlowe, Bailey Quarters and Venus Flytrap all struggling to keep WKRP on the air.  The best TV show ever, it ran for four seasons 1978 to 1982 on CBS, and I guarantee I’ll be DVR’ing and watching live, every chance I get.  Sadly, it started in April, I still can’t believe I missed it for three months.  Anyway, you can read the original story here.


Photo of publicity shot from CBS.

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