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Favorite summer song

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Favorite summer song

Today’s forgotten oldie is one of my favorite songs ever, “Baby It’s You” by a band called Smith. And yes it’s the same song that was previously a hit for the Shirelles and the Beatles, but the Smith version was the biggest hit of the three, selling a million copies, getting a gold record, and reaching the Top 5 on the Hot 100 in 1969.  Personally I love the song… it takes me right back to my summer of 1969.  Lots of good things happened for me that summer, including my daughter being born and getting my first job in radio. But the song is awesome, arranged by Del Shannon and sung by Gayle McCormack, Baby It’s You is finally a rock song, as well as a love song.  Today it’s mostly forgotten, and it shouldn’t be.


Photo of album by ABC/Dunhill Records

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