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A Well Respected Man

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A Well Respected Man

In 1965 the British band The Kinks were battling with their bosses, trying to keep from getting stale. Their record execs only wanted them releasing singles that sounded like their first hit “You Really Got Me”, which was an international smash.  But the Kinks won out, and in October of ’65 scored a big hit with “A Well Respected Man”.  The song was reminiscent of British music halls, and was also a slam on upper class Brits, a sentiment not missed by the record buying public. It’s one of four Kinks songs listed by Billboard on the 500 greatest rock songs of all time. “A Well Respected Man” has appeared many times in movies and TV, even acting as the theme song for the sitcom “Mr. Sloane”, but today it’s just another forgotten oldie.


Photo of album cover by Marble Arch Records.

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