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R.I.P. Bandit

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R.I.P. Bandit

Yesterday we learned that the man who was the top box office draw for many years, Burt Reynolds, has died in Florida of cardiac arrest at the age of 82.  With nearly 200 movies to his credit, including the iconic “Smokey and the Bandit” series Burt was the guy that guys wished we could be.  Sure he was cocky, almost arrogant actually, but he had a likable quality that made him a fan favorite for both men and women for many years.  Plus, he was the guy that married Loni Anderson… and for us young fellers with too much testosterone that made him even more special.

Plus, the man taught us all how to drive… or maybe the exact opposite of how we should drive.  As Bandit in his black Trans Am, crashing cars in Hooper, racing in Cannonball Run, or as Gator McClusky tearing through the swamps in a speedboat, we all wanted to drive like Burt.

I will miss him.  Read more here.


Photo from “Gator” by united Artists

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