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Always Remember…

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Always Remember...

I was in the office when the first plane hit the twin towers… word spread quickly and in minutes our stations had gone to news coverage of the events… the first airplane in NYC, then shortly after that the second plane, then the Pentagon… then a field in Pennsylvania. Eventually most of us were crowded around a small TV, as videos repeated the events over and over. Most of us were quiet… numb. One person was crying. We all felt like we’d been kicked in the chest.  There were no words, only disbelief and anger.  There was also an incredible sadness and fear, because we all knew that our lives had been changed forever, and the future was unknown.

Where were you when you heard of the events of 9/11?  Nineteen Muslim terrorists hijacking four airplanes and killing nearly 3,000 of our countrymen on American soil.  I had to get out of the office, but I remember just driving around, listening intently to the radio.  Wishing it had never happened, but vowing to always remember… always remember, never forget.


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