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Hey Joe

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Hey Joe

The song “Hey Joe” is a mystery because nobody knows who wrote it.  A couple have claimed authorship while others claim it’s traditional. Regardless, if you were in a band in the mid 60’s, you did a version of “Hey Joe”.  And I’m not talking the slowed down junky recording done by Jimi Hendrix, I’m talking a get up and move rock and roll song! Interestingly, everybody else did the song too… the Byrds, Deep Purple, Bad Company, Robert Plant, the Surfaris, Love, Johnny Rivers, the Music Machine and Soft Cell… just to name a few. Strangely, the best selling version is by a California garage band called The Leaves.  They took the song to #31 on the Hot 100 in 1966, recorded an album, and then disappeared forever.  Their great song also disappeared, slipping quietly into the limbo of the forgotten oldie.


Record sleeve by Fontana Records



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