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The Amazing Joni Mitchell

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The Amazing Joni Mitchell

Today’s forgotten oldie comes from a very talented lady, Joni Mitchell.  From folk to pop to rock, Joni has been a mainstay in the folk-rock genre and her music has crossed over to all formats.  In her career she has released over 100 albums.  In 1970, her song “Big Yellow Taxi” reached #67 on the hot 100, a live version in 1974 reached #24 on the hot 100. The song was a top ten hit in Canada, Australia and the UK.  Basically a protest song about the environment, it has a number of memorable “fun” things that make the song special.  Once thought of as the foremost woman on the music scene, today most of her music is forgotten.  What a shame.

A nice article about Joni is here.


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